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Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a peaceful oasis and build a community destination that is focused on ecological education, connection with nature, and tangible growth experiences while empowering people with knowledge and confidence to produce nutritional sustenance for their families.


Our Farm


Our Story

In 2017 our family was presented an opportunity to sell our home and buy a neglected farm. We all worked very hard to clean, clear, repair, and rebuild. Hard fought and sorely won, this 30 acre homestead became our forever home. Soon after moving in, we realized that we would need help. We would need help clearing invasive species. We would need help fertilizing the ravaged soil. We would need help protecting our products. We would need help nourishing our family and serving our community. We consumed all of the information available to us. We reached out to others who are executing the vision we held for our future and leaned on their experiences. As the farm grew up, its roots grew deeper into our hearts. Five years later, we realized that there is more to this life than providing for our family and turning a profit. We can build a community, strong and interdependent. We can dream with each other and provide for those dreams.



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1081 E US Highway 40

Cloverdale, IN 46120

(765) 246-2362

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